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Invoice Factoring:

What is Factoring?
Factoring is the sale of an Account Receivable. BH1 Finance does it by bringing you a future payment
into the present.


How much can my Business Factor?
BH1 Finance Approves Factoring Limits up to $2M.


How Long Does it Take to Process my Application?
Generally less than 48 hours. An expedited underwriting may be requested for 24 Hours Approvals.


Is there a Minimum time required of Operating a Business to be Approved?


Do I Have to Factor All of My Invoices?
No, you can factor the invoices you wish to.


Are my receivables held as Collateral?
Yes. BH1 Finance Requires a first position on all Accounts Receivable.


How will I Know the Status of My Receivables?
At BH1 Finance we give you access to our Software for you to access your reports 24/7.


How Can I Sell an Invoice?
Before selling an Invoice you need to get your customer approved. After that you would only need to log
in to BH1 Finance Portal and upload the invoices you wish to sell.


How long does it takes to receive the cash after uploading an Invoice?
Same Day and Next Day funding are Available.


What is Non-Recourse Factoring?
Non-Recourse Factoring is the sale of an Account Receivable in which the buyer takes the credit risk of
the invoice.


Does BH1 Finance Offer Non-Recourse Factoring?
At BH1 we offer both Recourse and Non-Recourse Factoring.


Term Loans

What is a Commercial Term Loan?:
A Loan that is intended to increase a business working capital.


What Rates does BH1 Finance Offers?
From 8.5%.


Who needs a Commercial Term Loan?
Typically Businesses from all industries who requires more cash to invest in its operations (i.e. A
Manufacturer who needs to invest in Machinery and Equipment, or a Wholesaler who needs more
inventory due to seasonal sales).


Does BH1 Finance can provide Invoice Factoring Service and Term Loans at the same time?


How long does it takes for an approval?
Typically less than 48 hours after the documentation is received.

Term Loans
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